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⚠️ The major risk lies with doing nothing with advanced tech

In a world🌏 of rapidly changing technology and consumer expectations, doing nothing regarding any technology and particularly in an era of rapid digital transformation…

Source: dataflow

Chatbots are connecting the dots between automation and personalization

It is a part of a broader trend, along with voice commerce

  • Consumers are more informed, expectations are rising progressively
  • For starters, they prefer immediacy and autonomy
  • 72% of users prefer to seek answers online
  • Gartner: by 2022, 70% of white-collar employees will use conversational platforms every day

More companies deploy it

  • Walmart Starts Testing Chatbot Shopping by Text
  • Karma, an AI shopping assistant for discounts raises $25M
  • Amazon Ramping up Alexa Voice Shopping

What is the benefit?

  • The conversion rate of personalized recommendations is 5.5 times higher
  • Gather data, and use it for recommendations
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Prevent abandoned cart

Would you use a shopping assistant?

Made with sustainable material and autonomously run on green energy to deliver the product in the local economy?

3D Printed Autonomous Robot, Camello, Increases Delivery Efficiency in Singapore🇸🇬

Final Aim, Inc, A Japanese🇯🇵 firm, aims to rapidly design the first autonomous delivery robot.

  • 3D printing enabled us to bring our numerous ideas to life
  • Give extra time to work on new designs while printing
  • 3D printing to be much more efficient for prototyping
  • Technology also helped speed up development as well, streamlining the decision-making process


The Camello delivery robot needed an accessible, intuitive design

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