12 Augmented Reality(AR) in eCommerce Trends and Statistics

source: https://marxentlabs.com

AR is evolving fast, providing new opportunities to help users experience different products.

  • Augmented reality spending is estimated to reach $60B by 2020
  • 61% prefer to make purchases on sites that offer AR
  • 63% said AR would improve their shopping experience
  • 35% said AR would make them shop online more often
  • 22% said they would patronize conventional stores less if AR is available on more eCommerce sites
  • 77% prefer to use AR capabilities to preview product variations
  • 40% consent to pay a higher price for any products that were allowed to preview by AR
  • 45% said AR features save time to make a decision
  • 78% of people who have experienced AR prefer virtual experiences over video content
  • 29% prefer to use AR to view the product before making the purchase
  • 70% of customers are expected to be more loyal to the brand that uses AR as part of their shopping experience
  • 73% of mobile AR users reported satisfied with their experiences

Source: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/12-augmented-reality-in-ecommerce-trends-and-statistics-for-2020-infograph/571552/

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